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  • SR-UP!

    Strontium is a compound present in seawater, in concentrations of approximately 8 mg/l. Strontium is necessary for the correct growth of corals and has been proved to interfere in the coral’s ability to produce its calcareous skeleton. Xepta SR-UP! supplies strontium to amend the possible lack of this element in the aquarium salt water. Do […]

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  • K-UP!

    Potassium is an element that is used for the synthesis of pigments of corals improving their coloration. Xepta Reef K-UP! is a concentrated solution of potassium that promotes the red and pink coloration of all corals and solves the deficiencies caused by this element in aquariums. Do not use together with Xepta Reef Balance, a […]

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  • I-UP!

    Iodine is an element used by most seawater organisms, is used by all invertebrate animals as a critical element for cellular function, and for adding this element into its exoskeleton. It is also used by sponges, soft corals and hard corals. In corals it is used for the synthesis of pigments, which influences the coloration […]

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  • FE-UP!

    Iron is an essential element for all photosynthetic organisms, tridacas and SPS corals. Xepta Reef FE-UP! is a concentrated solution of iron, which promotes the green coloration of corals and resolves the deficiencies caused by this element. Contents: Iron and micro elements. Dosage: 1ml / 100l of aquarium water per day. For advanced users who […]

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