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  • Xepta Reef Infinity

    Xepta Reef Infinity is a mixture of specially selected marine microalgae that provides correct nutrition for all corals, especially LPS and SPS corals. Provides high quality phytoproteins as well as fatty acids that are necessary for proper nutrition of all corals. It contains a substance that favors the formation of chromoproteins, which will greatly enhance […]

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  • Xepta Roti Feeder

    Xepta Roti Feeder is a natural gel food based on a special selection of algae for the cultivation of rotifers. Traditional rotifer diets usually cause certain levels of residues that cause deterioration of crop water, which subsequently affects rotifer quality. Xepta Roti Feeder has been developed to offer excellent reproduction, but without compromising the culture […]

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  • Xepta Reef Coral Food

    Feeding corals is absolutely necessary in nutrient-poor systems, which is precisely where the coral expresses its full coloring potential but are not the best conditions for their development. This contradiction leads to the need to feed the corals in captivity if we want them to develop in a healthy way and to show us their […]

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  • Reef Aminovit

    Amino acids are organic compounds being a fundamental part of proteins. Xepta Aminovit Reef is a mixture of concentrated essential amino acids and vitamins that supply to corals these elements so they can grow and regenerate tissues. The amino acids that make Xepta Reef Aminovit are histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, meionina, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and […]

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