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  • Xepta Fish Food

    Xepta Fish Food is a balanced food specially designed for saltwater fish. It has a striking green color due to the microalgae it contains, specially selected to provide a nutritious and balanced diet. Our food is produced using a complex process of microextrusion at low temperatures, ensuring optimal food quality while preserving all its nutritional […]

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  • Xepta Fish Food Protect+

    Xepta Fish Food Protect+ is a specific health diet designed for saltwater fish that, when administered preventively, protects fish from adverse situations. After several years of research in the nutrition of marine species, we have developed a new product with unique characteristics in our market. By using nanoencapsulation technology with proteins, we ensure that the […]

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  • Xepta Protball Fish Food

    Xepta Protball Fish Food is a product formulated with natural ingredients based on pre-digested protein and designed to improve fish nutrition. Its bioadhesive properties, obtained through the patented HDB technology, allow for a controlled release of bioactives, prolonging their effects. The bionutrients in the form of microcapsules provide: Nutritional benefits and overall health improvement, thanks […]

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  • Xepta Fish Detox

    Xepta Fish Detox is an innovative product that effectively neutralizes and eliminates toxins found in the gastrointestinal tract of fish. After the application of any type of treatment in a hospital tank or in the main aquarium, it has a purifying effect on saltwater fish, helping stimulate general detoxification enzymes and thus helping in the […]

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  • Xepta Fish Life

    Xepta Fish Life is a product formulated with entirely natural ingredients designed for fish diet supplementation. It enhances the overall health of all fish and acts as a natural attractant for even the most demanding fish, improving the general health and, in particular, the intestinal MicroBiota environment, enhancing coloration, and reinforcing the immune system. TThe […]

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