Xepta Fish Food



Xepta Fish Food is a balanced food specially designed for saltwater fish. It has a striking green color due to the microalgae that compose it, specially selected to provide a nutritious and balanced diet. Our food is produced through a complex micro-extrusion process at low temperatures that ensures optimum food quality, keeping all nutritional capacity intact.

Use the vitamins, amino acids and natural oils used in our Protect + technology to maintain correct fish health. Xepta Fish Food has a completely natural attractant for the introduction to dry feed of the most demanding species.

Ingredients: Fish meal, krill meal, fish oil, algae, wheat gluten, lecithin, yeast, vitamins, amino acids, natural pigments, natural attractants and minerals


  • Granulometry: 1,1-1,3 mm
  • Protein: 57%
  • Fat: 15%
  • Ash: 10%
  • Fiber 0.2%

Available in 100 and 200g formats

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