Measuring equipment

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  • Xepta autoBalance

    Xepta autoBalance is an automatic measurement and dosing system, from the measurement of the Kh (the measurement of calcium and magnesium available with the aBex expansion module) of the aquarium allows to precisely dose all the salts that the aquarium needs to the correct development and growth of all kinds of corals. Maintaining alkalinity at […]

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  • Xepta aBex

    Xepta aBex is an expansion module of the Xepta autoBalance automatic measurement system that incorporates in this equipment the ability to measure calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrate, sodium, chloride and bromine automatically. It is not a standalone equipment, it requires the Xepta autoBalance unit for its operation. Xepta aBex is an innovative equipment that allows automatic […]

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  • Reagente autoBalance

    Reagent for the Xepta autoBalance unit. 1000ml format valid for 330 tests * 5000ml format valid for 1650 test * * For a 50ml sample and a kH of 8

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  • Solución pH4

    PH4 calibration solution. 100ml format.

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  • Solución pH7

    PH7 calibration solution. 100ml format

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