Reef Balance Trace Part 5l



XEPTA Reef Balance
Hard corals (SPS and LPS) consume a specific ratio of salts for their growth, which must be replenished in the aquatic environment. Seawater contains all known elements on Earth, some of which are unnecessary for the proper development of the corals commonly kept in our aquariums today. Corals in natural seawater have constant access to these elements through the circulating water, a condition not replicated in aquariums. Due to their closed system nature, presence of skimmers, and filtration methods using resins, it is necessary to consistently supplement these elements.

Xepta Reef Balance is a system resulting from research on the impact of various trace elements present in seawater on corals. It is innovative and pioneering in marine aquarium hobby. Following these studies, a comprehensive product has been developed, eliminating the need for multiple containers as required in other methods. This simplifies aquarium maintenance, making it more understandable for novice enthusiasts. It is a 100% balanced system mainly composed of three components that replenish the salts consumed by corals (Ca, kH, and MG) and the trace elements necessary for proper growth, development, and coloration. The uniqueness of this system lies in its balanced composition, which does not disrupt the ionic balance of the aquarium. It replenishes not only Kh, Ca, and Mg (the parameters typically controlled) but also provides all necessary and essential trace elements for the correct coloration and growth of corals. This maintains the balance of dissolved salts in our reef aquariums, avoiding the approach of simply raising Ca, Kh, and Mg on demand. Instead, it respects the proportions of these elements in the water of our aquariums as they naturally occur in the marine environment.

It is presented in three containers, already mixed and prepared for dissolution and use. As a balanced system, it is crucial to maintain a ratio between the addition of different components: three parts of the Kh part additive, one part of the Ca part additive, and one part of the Trace part additive. This is necessary for the additives to function correctly. You can refer to our guide for various examples.

XEPTA Reef Balance Trace Part   
Maintains the correct level of Magnesium and provides trace salts in the reef aquarium, balancing the proportions of dissolved salts. Do not use to raise the Mg value; our magnesium additive can be used for this purpose.

Content: magnesium salts and other salts.