Xepta Balanced Reef Salt 20kg




Xepta Premium Reef Salt is a mixture of salts that is unique in the market of marine salts as it is a salt of bi-component characteristics. Studies and research in search of an ionically balanced salt and uniform composition in all lots and cubes, have resulted Xepta Premium Reef Salt, which has been formulated to mimic accurately the marine environment of the coral reefs.

As it could not be otherwise and meeting our quality standards, all the items that make up this salt have pharmaceutical grade (Ph. Eur, USP) or analytical (ACS) certificate, which ensures the absence of toxic components and nothing needed, as We can be found in salts from evaporated seawater. The quality of the items we work with assures us also the absence of highly toxic compounds, caking agents for life marina as well as a salt free of ammonia, nitrates and phosphates. Therefore, that we can find a chemically pure and concentrated salt with a humidity percentage less than 0.5%, resulting in a greater volume of water with less amount.

And why Xepta Premium Reef Salt is a salt bi-component? aiming to ensure the presence of all elements in all mixes we make, we have separated the greater the trace elements. Our salt is manufactured in our facilities where we introduce the exact amount of each compound that is necessary in each bag of complex and avoid the use of mixers that fail to mix salts with precision for our premium salt We got this way. Bags of complex hermetizan in a protective atmosphere, which ensures that the characteristics of salt are completely intact and unchanged when it comes from a fully waterproof multilayer bag. On the other hand mix in a liquid solution (210 ml) all traces necessary to ensure a proper dispersion of all the components that form them and in this way we can ensure a uniform and consistent in all lots composition.

Ensure a uniform composition in a salt is essential to ensure chemical stability of the aguat all times, that’s with with Xepta Premium Reef Salt will have a salt to perform water changes and find some parameters according to which we have in our aquarium. Any change that happens suddenly in the chemical water conditions, affect each and every one of the chemical processes that occur within our aquarium, altering the balance of the system and preventing corals do not show all your pontential. Therefore, Xepta Reef has developed a salt that is capable of creating a natural marine environment, with the proportion of elements that can be found in nature.

The ranges of values that we can find of major elements are:

Density 1025 ppm
Calcium 420-435 ppm
Magnesium 1320-1335 ppm
KH 8, 1-8, 3-dKH
Potassium 390-410 ppm
Bromine 60-70 ppm
Boron 24-26 ppm
Strontium 10-11 ppm

Instructions for use

Add to a vessel 24 litres of osmotic water (approximately) that have capacity for 25 liters. Add the contents of a packet of salt and 10ml of container traces and fill until a total of 25 litres, removed with a pump of movement until its complete dissolution, to the 5 – 10 minutes will have the water crystal clear and fully ready for use. Always have to use salt in multiples of 25 liters (25, 50, 75, 100…), a package can never be partially mixed, once opened should be spending it completely with 25 liters of osmotic water.